Ten steps to happiness (Part 6)

8 July 2011 - 3:14am Comments Off

Whenever we cannot tolerate all the good things we have, practise charity.


Even if we are generally happy or contented with our good fortune, we should still practise charity as it will enrich our lives and we will experience higher qualities of happiness and freedom from fear of loss.

Giving can be done in many ways. If we have money, we can give to the poor and destitute. If we have limited resources, we can give hope, encouragement, empathy or love. We can be generous with our time and serve others in hospitals, old folks’ homes, religious centres and other community and charitable organisations. We can always pray for others.

Giving is about making others happy and reducing our self-cherishing attitudes. When we focus our attention on others’ needs, seeing others important over and above ourselves, effectively we are creating the cause for happiness and an end to suffering.

If we continue to indulge in our good fortune, taking without giving, even though we may grow in material possessions we will suffer the poverty of virtue. We should consider ourselves very blessed to be in a situation whereby we have resources to help many.

Understanding that the good fortune we are presently enjoying is the result of the practice of generosity in the past, we should continue to do so to ensure we will continue to enjoy such good fortune in our future lives and having the privilege to benefit so many.

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