How Menlha Saved Tubby

by David Loh

7 April 2012 - 1:17am Comments Off

One late evening in November 2011, Richard’s pet dog, a Shih Tzu named Tubby, was attacked and badly mauled outside their home by three stray dogs. When Richard shaved off Tubby’s fur and checked his body, he found bite marks all over Tubby’s body and many of those were deep wounds. It was 10pm and all the vets were closed. Richard did what he could by cleaning up the wounds and applied antiseptic lotion on them.

The next day, he took Tubby to his vet. There was a shock in store for Richard: upon investigation, the vet discovered that some of Tubby’s wounds just within 1 or 2 millimeters of his jugular veins! Moreover there were pockets of wounds that could turn septic and be fatal to Tubby if  left as they were.

There was no choice but to operate on him immediately. But there was another serious issue as Tubby’s blood platelet count was very low! Nonetheless, the surgery had to be done without any further delay.

That was when Richard decided to call up a few friends. They came together and performed an emergency Menlha (Medicine Buddha puja) and prayed for Tubby’s safe surgery and speedy recovery.

The Medicine Buddha puja did it for Tubby! Just as he was about to be operated on, his platelet count rose to a safe level. The surgery was a success. Within a couple of days, Tubby was up and about and back to his old mischievous self.

Medicine Buddha saves my Tubby

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