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A puja is an expression of your compassion for another person, another being. A puja is an expression, an action, a direct initiative to do something for someone who has an obstacle, who has a problem, who has a difficulty, who has some kind of pain or sickness or fear

Tsem Rinpoche, Spiritual Guide of Kechara House

Kechara’s Puja House offers a wide range of pujas for every life situation. Our dedicated team has been trained by qualified monks from the illustrious Gaden Shartse Monastery. Everything they do – from prayers and rituals to the altar set-up – is done exactly as it has been for hundreds of years in the greatest monastic institution of Tibet.

How Much Pujas Cost

Pujas can be extensive and elaborate, or conducted on a smaller scale, depending on the purpose of the puja, the petitioner’s needs and wishes and the gravity of the obstacle.

The costs of the pujas are dependent on the type of meal the sponsor wishes to offer to the monks conducting the puja, and whether the meal provided is only for breakfast or for the whole day. The puja’s cost is also dependent upon the amount of monetary offering the sponsor wishes to offer each monk. As such, the costs mentioned are just guidelines.


Pujas @ Kechara’s Puja House

Our pujas are performed by a team of four or more people and the merits are dedicated to the benefactor. During pujas, the Buddhas’ powerful energies are invoked for the removal of obstacles and to fulfill wishes related to business, health, studies, legal problems, court cases etc. Pujas are also performed to obtain protection against spirit harm, black magic and negative influences.

There are also special pujas for bereavement, traveling, examinations as well as consecration of homes, premises, statues and altars. Pujas can be done for oneself or for family members and friends.

Obstacle Clearing Pujas 去除业障

  • Setrap 金甲衣护法法会
  • Druchuma 外阎魔法王法会
  • Sheningdundok 般若波罗密多心经
  • Gyabshi 四百除障法会


Healing and Long Life Pujas 治愈和长寿

  • Menlha 药师佛法会
  • Namgyal Tsechog 尊胜佛母长寿法会


Pujas for Fulfilling Specific Wishes 满足心愿

  • Dukkar 大白伞盖佛母法会
  • Gossip Cutting 去除流言法会
  • Manjushri/Examination 考生法会
  • Travelling 远游法会
  • Dzambala 黄财神法会
  • Drolchok 度母法会
  • Trusol 住处及建筑物加持法会
  • Rabney 佛坛及加持开光法会
  • Soongdrup 佛像及加持开光法会
  • Lama Chopa 上师荟供法会

How To Contribute To A Puja

If you wish to find out more or contribute to a puja, contact us at +603 7803 3908 or email us at [email protected]

You may also do your contribution online through http://www.vajrasecrets.com/pujas


We are located at:

No.41-3B, 2 Floor
Jalan PJU 1/3C
SunwayMas Commercial Centre
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia.


GPS Location: 3.119N 101.598E

Puja Contributions

Puja Type 法会 In House

Small Medium

Price Price
Dukkar 大白伞盖佛母法会 600 1200
Gossip Cutting 去除流言法会 600 900
Manjushri / Examination 考生法会 400 900
Travelling 远游法会 400 900
Setrap 金甲衣护法法会 300 800
Menlha 药师佛法会 300 800
Dzambala 黄财神法会 300 800
Drolchok 度母法会 400 900
Druchuma 外阎魔法王法会 800 1300
Lama Chopa without Tsog 上师荟供法会 400 N/A
Lama Chopa with Tsog 上师荟供法会 1200 N/A
Namgyal Tsechog 尊胜佛母长寿法会 800 1300
Sheningdundok 般若波罗密多心经 1000 1500
Gyabshi 四百除障法会 1000 1500
Trusol 住处及建筑物加持法会 N/A N/A
Soongdrup 佛像及加持开光法会 1000 N/A
Rabney 佛坛及加持开光法会 1000 N/A
Bereavement 度亡法会 N/A N/A

Puja House contributions revised as at August 2013

Main altar of Buddha Shakyamuni in the puja house

A group of practitioners performing a sponsor puja

Making tormas helps one to have more patience and focus as well

Pre puja preparation

Different set of tormas for different set of pujas

Offer a khata to Guru's throne to express a student's respect, devotion and love...

Clean and practical pantry for puja preparation

Complete facilities for preparing tormas and offerings

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