Pray your part for the gompa

10 September 2010 - 4:16am Comments Off

When it comes to big projects that will bring lots of benefit, obstacles usually arise. Why? All of us have generated negative karma in our current and previous lives. When we try to do something of benefit, that negative karma often ripens to prevent us from being successful (which is why it is considered negative!).

To circumvent such obstacles, we can conduct pujas and retreats to generate a store of merit towards the smooth completion of whatever we are working towards. One such project is the new Kechara gompa which is fast taking shape.

His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche has kindly recommended that many pujas be done in dedication to our new gompa. Kechara members have already done their bit, but there are many more pujas that our members do not have the knowledge to perform. The pujas below will be done at Gaden Monastery on completion of the new gompa, which is scheduled to finish by 15 October:

  1. Large Tara puja – one time
  2. Dukkar Sesum to be recited 10,000 times
  3. Chagsum Do – five times
  4. 21 Tara puja and Drolchok Gangmang – recited non-stop for one day
  5. Large Lama Chopa with tsok – one time
  6. Jampel Tsenchok to be recited 500 times
  7. Small Vajrayogini daju, specially dedicated to the increase of her practice, starting from Kechara House and leading to Kechara World Peace Centre

The total cost of the pujas is estimated at RM50,000, to sponsor the offerings on the altar, the customary offering to the monks and the food they will need for the all-day pujas. But just imagine! For many days, monks will be chanting non-stop in dedication to the success of our gompa, and the growth of Lama Tsongkhapa’s tradition in Malaysia.

So, have you been reading about the progress of the new gompa? Have you been wanting to get involved, but not know how? Not had the time to contribute? When it comes to Kechara, we’ll always find a way for people to play their part…just like the monasteries where some monks are scholars, and others administrative monks who keep the monastery functioning smoothly.

Here’s your chance to get involved now!

Kechara House would like to invite our members to be a part of such an auspicious occasion, to contribute to the pujas by means of sponsorship. Any amount will be appreciated…and just think! You’ll be directly creating the merit for Kechara’s gompa to be a success!

To sponsor the pujas, please make your cheque payable to Kechara House. We also welcome sponsorship in cash, which can be passed to the Kechara House administrator at Kechara House 2 (you will be given an official receipt).

On behalf of the thousands of people who will step through our doors on their way to Kechara World Peace Centre…thank you!

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