Oriental Daily: Understand The Other World

21 September 2012 - 10:03pm Comments Off

Kechara Pastor Kok Yek Yee, on the occasion of the Hungry Ghost Festival, was interviewed by Malaysian Chinese daily Oriental Daily, on 7th Month Festival and spirits from Buddhism point of view.

Kok Yek Yee explained on ignorance and misunderstanding, make many afraid of spirits, but in fact, spirits are everywhere. In Tibetan Buddhism, one does not look for a priest to perform exorcism when one encounters a spirit. Instead Buddhism believe,

Encountering a spirit is a result of karma. It could be related to our previous or current life, or it may just be one’s mere luck to encounter these entities.

Buddhists will, through pujas, chanting, and practice, dedicate their merits to the spirits. Kok Yek Yee said that Buddhists will treat spirits as friends, and that many people come to Kechara House because they are disturbed by spirits.

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