Gompa Renovation Begins!

12 June 2010 - 5:46am Comments Off
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The first step is to inspect the location as a group, to determine the condition of the building

Open sesame!

Liaison JP Thong of Tsem Ladrang exchanges notes with Mr Ng. In the background is also Mr Ng, the main architect for this project.

Mr Ngeow discusses the demolition with Mr Ng and Mr Ng

Enter the workers!

Next - Lot No 7

Mr Ng (the architect) and Yoke Fui in deep discussion

Mr Ng unlocks Lot 9...

...and the group proceed to enter

The inside of Lot 9 is inspected while Jace Chong of Kechara InMotion (KIM) films today's proceedings, which will go down in Kechara history!

Inspecting Lot No 3

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