Celebrating the joy of giving

26 April 2011 - 6:10pm 1 Comment

Recycling is one of the many activities that will benefit from this Wesak Day celebration

In conjunction with Wesak Day, Kechara House is organising a campaign themed Celebrating the Joy of Giving at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre.

The five-day campaign aims to promote Wesak Day as a day of giving, sharing and kindness. The campaign will also show everyone that anyone can bring individual joy by doing community service via the Kechara Organisation.

“We wish to make Wesak Day a public celebration, and show that it is not limited to just Buddhists. We want to show the public that it is a day to give, to love, to be kind and to forgive,” said organiser Suzan Ng.

KAS and our furry friends need your help!

Hand in hand, Kechara House and Sunway Pyramid will be bringing this message of giving from 13 to 17 May, at the main concourse of Sunway Pyramid.

This year’s Wesak Day celebrations will be a new twist on an old tradition, celebrated in a more contemporary, non-religious but equally beneficial way.

Why not celebrate Wesak Day by expressing your kindness, by sharing and being generous?

Aside from making monetary offerings, shoppers will also be invited to shop at participating outlets in the mall and donate their purchases to Kechara Animal Sanctuary, which cares for abandoned and abused animals, Kechara Soup Kitchen, which distributes food to the homeless and urban poor, or to the Kechara Earth Project, a go-green and recycling initiative.

Go shopping and feed the hungry

“Wesak Day is definitely a very auspicious day to do good deeds, to give on behalf of your loved ones or for yourself. Let’s celebrate Wesak Day with the joy of sharing, and the joy of giving,” highlighted Suzan.

“Buddha’s teaching is universal – to be kind to your loved ones and strangers, and to share your love and be generous,” said Suzan. That is exactly why the event is suitable for everyone regardless of their gender and age. There will be many activities ranging from a painting competition, to interactive book talks, an educational go-green awareness project, a Buddhist-themed choir as well as a Tibetan Cultural Dance.

Besides this campaign, there will also be a roadshow in another wing, retailing items from Kechara Paradise, Kechara Discovery, Kechara Sarawasti Arts and Kechara Media and Publications…yes, come May, Wesak Day will truly be everywhere in Sunway Pyramid!

DATE 13 to 17 May 2011
TIME 10am to 10pm
VENUE Sunway Pyramid (Main Concourse)

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