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KSA has been transformed! Our Saraswati chill out area, the “Hring” room, has been given a face lift through the kindness of our Lama , H.E. Tsem Rinpoche and sponsors. The reason for this is beautiful transformation is to say thank you to all our hardworking volunteers. To give them a space to chill out, relax and unwind while working hard.

On saturday evening Rinpoche decided to take, James (Head of KSA), Joy (KSA Liaison), Pat (Head of Sewing), Wan (Liaison Kechara Outlets), and his entourage shopping at Courts and Ikea.

Heres a list of items that were bought today  totalling RM9,187.

  1. A 32″inch Flat Screen TV RM1,999
  2. Sound System RM1,099
  3. 2 Mics RM10
  4. 8 Folding Chairs RM312
  5. 4 Foldable Stools RM156
  6. TV Stand RM181
  7. 13 cushions RM465
  8. 2 Sofas with Covers RM2,698
  9. Carpet 1,895
  10. Non-Slip Mat RM39
  11. Curtains RM145
  12. Throw Over for sofas RM188.

Many happy hands!

thats the way make room

got everything?

hmmm what else needs doing?

ok, now put everything in place...

just a bit of tidying up.... and....

can you feel the ambience?

A big thankyou goes to Jamie Khoo. For taking the initiative to seek sponsors in KSA’s Chill out room makeover. A total of RM4,230 was raised in under 4hours to make it happen.

After the makeover Rinpoche arrived to share with us his aspirations for KSA. Kechara Media and Publications has their “Dhi Room” now KSA has its very own “Hring Room”. This is aptly named after the seed syllable of Saraswati’s holy mantra.


Saraswati is the consort of Manjushri and in her own merits is a buddha of wisdom. She is the buddha of science, arts, music, poetry, debate, composition, writing, speech and all things creative.

Rinpoche also offered to KSA the lineage gurus of our tradition to bless our workshop.

Offering Photos of Lineage Gurus

Rinpoche helped us to see that KSA (the First Tibetan Art Studio in S.E. Asia.) is an “Art Studio” like no other. Whereas Art can be defined as watercolour, oil, acrylic etc.. Painting or Beautifying images of enlightened beings is much more than Art. The type of Art done in KSA, be it painting, rollling mantras, making jewellery, and sewing is in buddhist terms the practice of purifying body karma. Each volunteer that comes into KSA whether they know it or not is purifying their karma when they set to work with the right motivation. Rinpoche also enlightened us that each buddha,their posture, their hand mudras, how they sit, the implements they hold, everything is an aspect of their enlightened mind. Working in KSA helps us to make causes to achieve these enlightened qualities ourselves.

Aspirations for KSA

Any Volunteer that comes through its doors should not feel like they are doing KSA a favour,but rather a great opportunity for them to express their spirituality through art, and at the same time purify their karma. All work done in KSA is equal to spending time in the temple, meditating or chanting. It brings just the same benefit, only just via a different path.While Department heads have the same opportunity as Volunteers, they also have the additional responsibility for providing people with a comfortable environment, the training of new volunteers, maintaining daily operations and the tools to practice.

Listening intently

KSA is a place of immense importance because as its more than just workshop and it will bring change in peoples lives and minds. Its a place for getting people connected to their own spirituality by seeing their work come to life, and knowing that these artworks will make their way into the hands of people who practice. The merits you get indirectly from this interconnectedness is limitless.

After sharing these points to all who were present Rinpoche took a look around KSA and we were left to enjoy Hring Room.

We are still seeking sponsorship for a further RM4,000. The Sewing Department is in need of a large wardrobe to keep their working area clean and clear due to our limited space. If you can help please get in touch with us.

So why don’t you come down pay us a visit and chill out with us or even try your hands at some creative work. Perhaps discover a hidden talent you never knew was there.

A special thanks goes out to sponsors, whom through their generosity this transformation would not be possible.

Sio Chian for sponsoring hifi system and RM500, Lily Ng for sponsoring the DVD player, Julia RM100, JP Thong RM100, Mr  & Mrs Ngeow RM500, Joseph RM100, Margaret RM50, Annette RM100, Wai Meng RM50, KH Ng RM500, Sean RM100, Sharon / Susan RM100, Justin Cheah RM100, Chin Li RM100, May Woo RM50, Eddie RM100, Alex Tan RM300, David Lai RM30, Joey Wong RM100, Dato Khoo (Jamie’s Father) RM500, Datin Jennifer (Jamie’s Mother) RM500, Paris (Jamie)  RM250!

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