Celebrating a Mother’s Love

6 May 2010 - 6:05pm Comments Off

Last Sunday, Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA) organised a Mother’s Day card-making and flower arrangement class for kids. The card-making class was led by Manjushri Kids’ Class (MKC) teacher, Han Ling, while Ashlee Tam led the flower arrangement class.

Lili Ng and Ling showed the children how to make beautiful cards for their mothers, with more than twenty kids from MKC creating their own individually designed cards and flower bouquets. It brought much delight to the mothers in attendance who were lovingly presented with their gifts.

Shirley, who sponsored the entire event, with her daughter Isabella

Ashlee assisted the kids with the flower arranging, helping them to choose the flowers, before sorting them into dazzling presentations. Additional help came from Alex Tan, Pat and Pearl (one of the MKC mothers), who gave Ashlee a much-needed helping hand as things got busy!

After the class, everyone enjoyed a lunch of fried rice and fried mee hoon, which was sponsored and prepared by Simon (Suzan’s husband). Sandwiches, Ribena and fruit were prepared by Pat and Anita (Mitra’s wife), while Pearl brought along delicious cookies and vegetable pizza, which she cooked herself.

After all the fun was had, Ashlee gave thanks to Shirley Tan, who kindly sponsored the entire event, while the parents made offerings to the Saraswati altar to contribute to the class.

For more information about upcoming KSA events, please contact our Head of Department Wan Wong at wan.wong@kechara.com or +6012 282 1030.

Manjushri Kids’ Class is Kechara House’s education initiative to promote Dharma and the attitudes of compassion, wisdom and universal responsibility amongst our children. Taught by enthusiastic volunteers, the class aims to give children a head start in their practice of the Six Paramitas, by teaching them generosity, ethics, patience, joyous effort, concentration and wisdom.

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