An Afternoon with the Bliss Queen

24 March 2010 - 12:02pm Comments Off

What could be more captivating to talk about on a Sunday afternoon than the Bliss Queen herself – Vajrayogini. Our up and coming author, David Lai, was supposed to present his recent book, Vajrayogini and Other Power Places in Nepal for Manjushri class that day. However, having fallen ill, our other fabulous author and head of Manjushri class, Jamie Khoo, ably stepped up to share.

Jamie began by explaining that Vajrayogini is one of the highest female tantric deities and the Sanskrit name of her heaven is “Kechara“, which is the name of our entire organisation. His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche decided on this name for our organisation to create the causes that all of us will aspire to enter Vajrayogini’s heaven.

After a quick explanation of the iconography behind Vajrayogini, Jamie related the relevance of Vajrayogini practice in this day and age. Vajrayogini’s practice is most suitable for us because desire is the main pre-occupation of modern people today. This desire is not just sexual desire but also desire for material goods, like a shiny new Mercedes or a Chanel handbag, and the constant craving for satisfying our senses. We are continuously searching for the best restaurants, the nicest holiday, a great spa!

Now, Vajrayogini’s practice transforms this desire into an enlightened path. It’s a very swift and powerful practice and considered relatively short and easy to do – specially to suit the busy people of today.

The diamond-studded carrot we have dangling in front of us is that once we receive her practice and if we do Vajrayogini’s practice sincerely, we can get enlightened in 14 lifetimes. 14 lifetimes? I hear you say. That’s a long time. Well, not really, since we have been hanging out in samsara since time immemorial. Personally, after billions of lifetimes (several as a cockroach or worse, no doubt), 14 doesn’t seem quite so long, does it?

The secret is – if you do your practice well, you will meet the teachings again and again in your next life and the next and so on until you reach Enlightenment. And who knows which lifetime are you on… could this be the 14th? The fact that the Manjushri Class attendees were able to hear Vajrayogini’s holy name and learn about her, with the possibility of receiving her practice is a sign that there probably is a past life connection. In fact, as YOU are reading this, you probably have an affinity with Vajrayogini – so don’t waste it!

Jamie also related some stories about how Vajrayogini practitioners can achieve miraculous signs by her practice. Miracles are seen often in the monasteries and even plain, ordinary people who engage in her retreats can achieve high states of meditation.

Vajrayogini practice is very strong in Nepal, and the lineage can be traced back to Naropa, who was a famous Dharma teacher in Nepal. From Nepal, it has come to the world, and the book Vajrayogini and Other Power Places in Nepal brings stories and never-before-seen photographs of holy and private Vajrayogini shrines in Nepal to the interested spiritual seeker.

Jamie shared that everyday at Kechara, we are creating the causes to receive Vajrayogini practice in future. Whatever Dharma we do now, whether as volunteers, puja attendees or Dharma workers, is preparing for her practice.

Power places in Nepal may be difficult for many people to get to, so this book allows anyone to learn about these places and get the blessings from seeing these holy images from the comfort of their own homes. In the future, Rinpoche intends that our retreat and alternative arts centre – Kechara World Peace Centre – will be our very own power place which we will charge up with positive energy so we can receive blessings right here at home.

Manjushri class ended on an exciting note with attendees having learned about the prospect of receiving Vajrayogini’s holy practice in future! Join us for the next Manjushri class and be the first to get insider tips on how to fast track up to Enlightenment!

For more information about the next Manjushri class session, held every Sunday at Kechara House 1 from 2pm onwards, please contact the Manjushri class coordinator Jamie Khoo at +6016 323 9567 or

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