Partying with the Buddhas – A Kechara Wesak Celebration

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A sure sign of the blessings of Setrap, who held off the rain for us!

Kechara is not known for our conventional way of doing things – inspired and guided by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, our group always tries to bring Dharma to others in an engaging, contemporary and relevant way.

The Dharma that Rinpoche and Kechara brings to others is about fostering harmony and showing support for one another…and when better to do this than during the run-up to Wesak Day when Buddha chose to be born, attain ultimate liberation and pass into parinirvana?

The sun shone brightly on all thirteen departments who turned out in full force to exhibit their activities and raise funds for Kechara. At the playground in SunwayMas, volunteers arrived early to set up and decorate their booths scattered all over the playground, to prepare for the crowd that began showing up at 4pm.

Lots of delicious goodies on offer all through the day!

Stella Loh (with cap) leads her team at the bazaar

The playground quickly filled up as people thronged to check out what Kechara and her departments had to offer. On one side, people could work up an appetite shopping up a storm at the amazing value buy bazaar that proffered everyday items at unbelievable prices. On the other side, a whole row of food and drink stalls satisfied every taste bud with cuisine ranging from feta-stuffed mushrooms, to rice fried on the spot which so highly popular, the gentleman requested for better lighting because he was frying well into the night!

CK and his fried rice were in high demand!

Kids testing their musical prowess...future members of a Kechara Performing Arts department perhaps?

The rubbish generated by the hungry diners went straight to the recycling corner, where members transformed items we usually so carelessly discard into money for Kechara. Kids ran riot at the Manjushri Kids’ Class tent where they could indulge in arcade games, as their parents took advantage of Kechara Paradise’s great offers before going to Kechara House 2 to donate blood. Just as the children (and their parents!) were tired out, Hafidz Osman began his live magic act, bringing much entertainment and laughter to everyone there.

The playground was packed all throughout the day

Hafidz was a popular highlight of the day

Hafidz was concluding his act with an encore of his white pigeon routine when a double rainbow was spotted above Kechara House. The kids remained glued to Hafidz as the adults looked to the sky to watch the first one appear, faint at first before gradually growing stronger and stronger. After a few minutes, the second appear right next to it, before both disappeared altogether. It is believed that rainbows appear when an enlightened being or someone with great compassion is in the area, and their appearance during an event is a very auspicious sign. It indicates that the local gods and deities are happy because a beneficial event is taking place.

Beneficial events can come in many shapes and forms…so at what Wesak celebration would you find a line-dancing and capoeira group demonstrating their skills? Only at Kechara! Fear not – we may be the modern Buddhist, but we have our traditions and lineage firmly rooted in the scriptures. One weekend may have been left to indulgent, fun activities in celebration of such a special day, but this coming weekend will be dedicated to a different kind of fun – the commemoration of Lord Shakyamuni’s great deeds through a day of pujas.

Come to Kechara House for a day of prayers for peace, love and enlightenment! For further information, please click HERE or contact Kechara House’s Administrator Lim Tat Ming at +603 7803 3908.


Kids practised patience as they waited for their turn on the arcade games

Adults practised giving as they exchanged their Wesak coupons for yummy food!

Vice President of Kechara Soup Kitchen Julia Tan models the new KSK shirt!

The Kechara Paradise stall dealt with non-stop requests for their treasures from the Himalayas

Chief Operations Officer of Kechara House Yap Yoke Fui and Administrator Lim Tat Ming show off the Wesak coupons that guests exchanged all day for goodies

The kids had a ball at the face-painting stall, although some preferred to paint their arms instead (probably to the relief of their parents!)

For the younger children, it was a chance to spend all day colouring without being told to do their homework!

The field was full of hungry diners all day and night long

Dzambala had a party himself, sitting in a rather psychedelic bath

There were many good bargains to be had, with so many nearly-new clothes donated for sale

The founder of our tradition and the reason why Kechara House exists, Lama Tsongkhapa, gazes serenely over the activities

Rubbish generated from the day was recycled on the spot

Members also brought their recyclables to the fair

In the hot weather, the mobile ais kacang and cendol unit found itself to be very popular

There was a wide selection of desserts and cakes to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth

Diners catch up with one another as they enjoy the evening cool

Liaison Chuah Su Ming (second from left) with some members and volunteers of her department, Kechara Care

Visitors were greeted with a smile and friendly face courtesy of Kechara Care

Kechara Saraswati Arts volunteers and staff show off some of their beaded jewellery

Ladies took the opportunity to add to their wardrobes

There was definitely something for everyone, from ties to dresses to shirts

Dr Hank found many willing buyers for his nutritious pet food

Books sold like hotcakes at the Kechara Media & Publications stand where staff worked hard to promote their latest publications, including Call Me Paris and There's No Way But Up!

A true collaboration of departments - Jace Chong (of Kechara inMotion) films Kechara Discovery's beautiful pendants as Head of Department Liaison Paul Yap watches proudly, and Dino Goh (in bandana) talks about the 20% discount offer

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