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It has come to our attention that the Vajrayana Buddhist Council of Malaysia (“VBCM”) made, amongst others, the following statement (‘VBCM’s Statement”) on their Facebook page entitled “Statement On Dolgyal (Shugden) Practice” on 19/3/2015 :-


The Vajrayana Buddhist Council of Malaysia is a council body, currently consisting of more than 50 Tibetan Mahayana/Vajrayana Buddhist centres in Malaysia. Since the formation of the VBCM in 2002, the teachers of our respective member organizations have counseled us to distance ourselves and disassociate from these that engage in this practice. The main reason is that this practice caused sectarianism and disharmony among the Tibetan Buddhist community, in general as well as those in Malaysia.

Hence, the council has been vigilant to ensure that new centres that apply to be member organization of VBCM is vetted for this matter. In addition, the council also checked on several other conditions to ensure that there are genuine and quality member organizations within the VBCM.

On this note, the VBCM would like to extend to fellow Buddhists and the general public the same advice to keep a distance and disassociate from those that engage in the Dolgyal (Shugden) practice.”

We have vide solicitors written a letter of demand to VBCM inter-alia alleging defamation and they have, amongst others, replied to deny vide their solicitors’ letter that the aforesaid words in VBCM’s Statement “referred to, were understood to refer, or were capable of referring to” us i.e. Persatuan Penganut Buddha Rumah Kechara Malaysia (Kechara House) “Kechara” and further to deny that the aforesaid words in the VBCM Statement is defamatory to us.

Kechara firmly believes in freedom of choice of religion and practices.

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