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The Kechara Earth Project team consists of 5 earth-loving committee members, led by 3 main committee members, namely Wan Wai Meng, Lew Kwan Leng and Pastor Kok Yek Yee.

Wan Wai Meng Head & Finance
Lew Kwan Leng Assistant Head
Kok Yek Yee Operations & Special Projects
Kok Wah Ying Education
Yong Swee Keong Site Manager

Wan Wai Meng

Wai Meng is an outdoor enthusiast who has a genuine love for the environment and nature. He has spent time in University doing subjects related to Environmental Engineering and Waste Water Engineering.

Recycling was something he had been engaging in for many years. The Kechara Earth Project (KEP) has given a deeper understanding on the fragility of our environment and the real need to protect it.  The activity has opened in him the greater potential to reach a greater level of consciousness. Also he realizes the need for a broader knowledge and understanding about preserving the environment.

[M]: +6012 215 0968

Pastor Kok Yek Yee

Yek Yee started becoming aware about protecting the environment from her Guru H.E. Tsem Rinpoche. Tsem Rinpoche had always been skillfully introducing the message about going green and she realized this only after he had been sharing the message and activities of loving animals years after that. She is also a Kecharian pastor and is active with the Chinese Division, Kechara Care and Kechara Education Committee.

Inspired by her Guru, Yek Yee adopted the green way of living without even consciously calling it green. When Kechara Earth Project was set up, she immediately joined the team.

[M]: +6012 388 3390

Lew Kwan Leng

Knowing the resources on nature earth is running out and time is running out to educate the public about the importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, Lew has joined Kechara Earth Project from the very beginning.

Lew is grateful that KEP has provided him a platform to contribute his little effort towards the community. He is also an integral part of E-Division with his technical and management know how.

[M]: +6012 316 3737

Yong Swee Keong

Coming from an IT background, going green was not foremost in Swee Keong’s mind. The everyday lives of IT professionals revolve around new games, new gadgets, and the Net. Nature and environment are associated with holiday destinations, and sight-seeing locations, for enjoyment and relaxation.

However, after getting to know about Kechara Earth Project, Swee Keong was inspired by the cool people who love technology as well as the environment. He realised that he too could contribute to reducing, reusing, and recycling for the sake of the environment we live in. He is also now a member of the E-Division as a programmer.

[M]: +6012 360 5570

Kok Wah Ying

Wah Ying started going green many years ago when she started learning about organic food. She cut down her consumption on meat as she was worried about pesticides, synthetic growth hormones and other chemicals contained in the meat.

Soon she started having a bigger picture of the environment from the food she ate and the way she lived. She then began cutting down on her carbon footprint and pollution to the environment as much as she could. Her theoretical knowledge about ecology started when she taught a subject called “Ecology Reporting” while lecturing for a college years back.

Her belief is that we all can save a beautiful environment for our children, and it’s not that hard to be a green warrior for the sake of ourselves and our kids. This is reflected in her daily actions such as bringing recyclable shopping bags when she goes shopping, using tupperware to “tabao” (take away) her lunch or dinner, making vegetables and fruit waste into enzymes, and cooking only as much food as she can finish. She also allocates a little time and space to collect plastic and paper waste, and giving these recyclables to institutions that recycle them.

To Wah Ying, cooking one’s own food is also another green way of living, because you get to cook food in a healthy way (avoid deep fried and etc) and enjoy fresher food. In addition, drying your clothes under the sun instead of using the dryer is another green tip from her.

Wah Ying also holds a full-time position in the Kechara organisation as a Chinese translator working with E-Division.

[M]: +6012 284 9219

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