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Be spiritual
be connected:
2021 schedule!


Be spiritual be connected: 2021 schedule

Be Spiritual Be Connected is our new series of online programmes for 2021. Check out the schedule below and tune in on Facebook for your spiritual fix. Programmes are aired weekly unless otherwise stated.
  • 9.00 pm: 在家自己修 (2ND & 4TH WEEK)
  • 6.30 pm: Prayer Request (1ST & 3RD WEEK)
  • 7.00 pm: 向讲法师提问·100个为什么
  • 9.30 pm: Once Upon A Time With Rinpoche (2ND & 4TH WEEK)
  • 8.00 pm: Tsem Rinpoche’s Swift Return Puja
  • 9.00 pm: 红尘 · 不看破 (3RD WEEK)
  • 4.00 pm: 在仁波切身边的日子 (2ND WEEK)
  • 9.00 pm: Detox Your Mind – The Workshop
  • 10.00 am: The Early Show
  • 11.00 am: 烦恼急诊室 (2ND WEEK)
  • 6.00 pm: 线上祈福
  • 9.30 pm: How to Practise… (2ND & 4TH WEEK)

Programme Highlights

Detox Your Mind – The Workshop

Detox Your Mind – The Workshop

Want to learn how to purge all the negativities and toxins in your mind? Join JP in a series of workshops where he will guide you on detoxing your mind one step at a time. From these healing sessions, you will gain more clarity, joy, inner peace, and a deeper understanding of who you have been and who you choose to become. This special workshop empowers you to live your best life!

  • Saturdays
  • 9.00 PM (GMT +8) – Public talk
  • 9.45 PM (GMT +8) – Private workshop
  • Watch past episodes

The Early Show

The Early Show

Join Jean Ai as she shares news and unpacks real-world issues with a Dharma perspective, and offers practical advice that can help navigate the challenges we face every day.

Prayer Request

Prayer Request​

If you’re going through tough times or need a little bit of spiritual aid, we’re here for you. Prayer Request is a free service offered by Kechara’s pastors to help you clear obstacles, overcome disturbances, create greater harmony at home or at work, achieve excellence in studies, or success in business.

To submit your prayer request, message us on Facebook then join us live to pray with a pastor. You can also leave a comment during the live prayer session with your name and request.

Once Upon A Time With Rinpoche

Once Upon A Time With Rinpoche

Pastor David Lai, a longtime student of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche explores his spiritual relationship with his teacher by sharing anecdotes, stories, observations and little nuggets of Dharma. Join him to be inspired by ‘Dharma in action’ as how he experienced it with Rinpoche.

How to Practise...

How to Practise...​

A series dedicated to guiding budding Buddhists on what to practise and how to do it. From basic procedures to advanced contemplations, these short videos take you through the practices that we all know and love but in much more detail. No matter which stage you’re at on your spiritual journey, you’ll pick up something new to enhance your personal practice.

Tsem Rinpoche's Swift Return Puja

Tsem Rinpoche's Swift Return Puja​

A group recitation of A Concert of Names of Manjushri and a short Dorje Shugden puja dedicated to the swift return of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s unmistaken incarnation.

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