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5 ways to
love more


5 ways to love more

The secret to being loved is to love more yourself. However, although we all want to feel more love, we may not know how to love more. Fortunately, our founder Tsem Rinpoche taught five simple and effective ways.

Send love, abide in love and be love.

Love is eternal, so abide in it

– Tsem Rinpoche –

1. Let go of pain

We’ve all been hurt in the past. We may have been abandoned, cheated, or hurt physically or emotionally. If we hold on to the pain, it makes us lock up love deep inside. We need to let it go.

We also need to let go of people who have not loved us in the past, or don’t love us in the present. Let those feelings go. They have no power over you anymore. To love more, you need to love yourself in the right way first. Get rid of the anger, pain, frustration and fear and live in the present moment.

2. Pray

Pray for yourself, others, or things that you’ve seen that affected you. Send prayers of love to others, and put energy into it rather than holding on to past baggage and pain. Don’t ask for anything in your prayers, just think of them as embodiments of love so that everyone has peace, security and more love. Expect nothing back, do it for the sake of doing it.

3. Unlock yourself

We all have love within us, but we need to unlock it. It’s always there and never gets lost. It’s impossible that you cannot love again because you never lost it. Remember kindness, a warm smile or action given to you freely by someone. Focus on that and expand on it. It was an expression of love and focusing on that love will unlock the love within you.

4. Give love to get love

To be loved more, you have got to give more love. The key to happiness is to acknowledge love, give love and receive love. It’s not a romantic love or familial love, it’s unbiased non-judgemental love. Accept it as it comes and for what it is, not the way you expect it to be. And then make it grow.

5. Show you care

Show love to others every day. Give a helping hand, a warm smile, some nice words. Think of how you can help them, instead of wondering how to take advantage of them. Don’t be closed off, don’t be afraid to love, because if you truly love, you’ll never be hurt. Don’t have expectations, just send others your love.

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