Settling In

5 May 2010 - 12:53pm Comments Off

The central chill-out and meeting area of the office, where guests can hang out as they get to know KMP

Our moving nightmares are finally over as Kechara Media & Publications (KMP) settles down in our new office, just a row behind our previous office. Everything has been moved in, all the staff have settled into their own corners and the whole lot has been decorated and set up cosily by our Art Director Fang (who flexes her creative muscles even off the computer).

Even the final touches of thangkas, framed photos and individual altars have been set up and everyone is back to work as normal. To celebrate the move and our new temporary “home”, KMP held a little party last week (read the story about their party on Rinpoche’s blog at KMP is now planning another housewarming party for Rinpoche and friends to share in more of the good energy!

Do drop by and visit us if you’re in the area (and bring cake if you do; we have coffee!)

This very efficient corner of the office seats our Administrator Judy, Production Manager Deborah and Accounts Assistant June

Allan, our marketing executive gets cosy in his new office

Another smaller chill-out Dhi room for staff to relax

Fang and Susan's office towards the back of the building looks very busy and officious!

With this move, we've even installed a new shiny signboard!

Our signboard all lit up at night (so you can’t miss us!)

Our CEO Li Kim's office, where many important decisions are made!

As a housewarming gift to the whole team, Judy surprised KMP with this cheerful balloon man on a Monday morning!

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