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While the genres are broad, ranging from serious Dharma to lifestyle to fashion, the common themes of our publications will always be personal development, inspirational, transformational and benefiting others. By diversifying our range of publications, we hope to appeal to a broader spectrum of readers…

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Kechara Media & Publications is a publishing house based in Malaysia under the spiritual direction of His Eminence Tsem Tulku [...]

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Kechara Media & Publications always welcomes people to join us as we continue to grow and produce more publications and [...]

Our Spiritual Guide

H.E.Tsem Rinpoche 25th, a high reincarnated Lama from Gaden Shartse Monastery, is the founder and spiritual guide of the Kechara [...]

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If you are interested in joining us or in contributing in any way towards the production of books, DVDs and [...]

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Kechara Media & Publications extend our sincerest thanks to our dedicated volunteers, who through their effort and commitment, make it [...]