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The Dharma Protector – Setrap

Setrap is the Dharma Protector of both Kechara House in Malaysia and Gaden Monastery in India. A wrathful emanation of Buddha Amitabha, he is an ancient Dharma Protector whose practice originated from India. His prayer and black tea are extremely efficacious for clearing our obstacles so that we may further our spiritual growth and Dharma practice.

Setrap Setrap & entourage Setrap
Setrap Setrap Setrap
Setrap @ Kechara House Setrap @ Gaden Shartse, Tibet Setrap @ Tsem Monastery, Yara
Setrap @ Gaden Shartse, India Setrap @ Gaden Shartse, India Setrap @ Gaden Shartse, India



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