Lama Chöpa Tsog

6 June 2009 - 1:04am 1 Comment

Kechara House Tantrikas Conducting the Tsog Offering

Lama Chöpa is a guru yoga of Je Tsongkhapa, written by the First Panchen Lama based on secret oral teachings.  This comprehensive practice strengthens our relationship with our Spiritual Guide through offerings, especially offerings of our practice.  By practicing this well, all requests for attainment will be fulfilled and all obstacles that have been accumulated in relation to the teacher will be purified.

This practice, which is a complete meditation for purifying the four obscurations through receiving the four empowerments of transforming one’s body, speech, and mind into the pure enlightened state, continues to be a daily practice in the Gelugpa monasteries throughout the world.

Beautiful Lama Je Tsongkhapa altar at Kechara House 1 with extensive Tsog offerings

At Kechara House, the Lama Chöpa practice is combined with a Tsog offering, which is a great feast offered to all enlightened beings and to all non-enlightened beings, including ourselves.  Through the power of our motivation, prayer and actions, we transform offered food and flowers into precious substances with the power to bestow blessings of infinite value.  This special prayer feast creates merit and honors the Merit Field of Holy Beings.  It is one of the most important practices of generosity and is also extremely effective for the accumulation of merit.

Kechara House also conducts pujas upon special request.  With pure motivation, all merit accumulated is dedicated back to the sponsor.

Special Request Puja

On the 2nd of June, 2009, Kechara House conducted a special Lama Chöpa Puja complete with Tsog offering upon special request by an anonymous benefactor.  The puja was kindly presided over by Kating Rinpoche who is visiting from Gaden monastery.

Kating Rinpoche of Gaden Monastery Conducting the Lama Chöpa Puja and Tsog at KH1

Kating Rinpoche

Nine Trantrikas from Kechara House together with 22 members of the Puja group conducted the puja and made strong aspiration prayers for the benefactor.  A total of 108 tsog recitations were completed.

Liaison Ruby Khong, the Umze for the night

Dedicated Kechara House members volunteer, inspired by the kindness of our Lama, H. E. Tsem Rinpoche

How much merit there is of the numberless sentient beings, including bodhisattvas, and then the buddhas, may we be able to collect that merit for all sentient beings.

For advice on and request for a puja for your specific need, please contact Paul Yap at +6012 364 9797 (or or call Kechara House at +603-7803 3908.

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