Chinese New Year Grand Prayers: Well-Attended!

18 February 2013 - 11:08pm Comments Off

On Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th February 2013, Kechara held our annual Chinese New Year Grand Prayers, in Chinese and English respectively. Both days were well-attended by members of the public, who ushered in the new year by reciting the Setrap and Dzambala prayers, led by our puja team.

Reciting these prayers have many benefits: Setrap’s puja helps to remove physical and mental obstacles in addition to creating conducive conditions for spiritual practice and Dzambala’s puja can bring outer material wealth, and more importantly, inner wealth such as peace, happiness and harmony.

On the Sunday of this festive occasion, we also took the opportunity to announce the winner for the highest attendance during the Lamrim Recitation Retreat 2012. Madam Susan Liew attended the monthly week-long retreat for a total of 33 times and was the recipient of the coveted prize, a beautifully carved Medicine Buddha mounted on a frame blessed by our guru, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche. Our congratulations to Madam Susan, a regular attendee and volunteer, for her commitment and devotion to her spiritual practice!

Kechara’s Lamrim retreat is held on the first week of every month. We encourage all to join, as reciting the Lamrim collects a tremendous amount of merit. In fact, its benefits are not dissimilar from attending pujas, as both the Lamrim retreats and pujas are recitations of the holy words of enlightened beings

On both days, as the prayers came to an end, our Pastors gave members of the audience blessings as well as offerings such as Mandarin oranges, flower petals for bathing and blessed rice for protection from harm throughout the year.

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