YAK volunteers at Recovery Aviary

21 July 2015 - 5:55am Comments Off

Located just behind The Aviary, a 4,000 sq ft sanctuary for abused and neglected birds, is a newly built 780 sq ft Recovery Aviary.

Overseen by Khoo Hau How, the construction of the Recovery Aviary took approximately 2 months to complete.

Once the piping, drainage system and electrical works were completed, Kechara’s YAKs (Young Adults and Kids) came to volunteer with the cleaning up!

They washed the concrete floors, steel walls, removed any leftover building materials and washed the feeding trays.

The Recovery Aviary will serve to house newly rescued birds who have to be quarantined before they are released into The Aviary. They will be quarantined for general observation, which includes testing for diseases and behavior.

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