The Enchanted Forest at the Kechara Forest Retreat

15 February 2013 - 5:13pm Comments Off

The month of January was a very busy period for the contractors in the Enchanted Forest. The Enchanted Forest will be the forest ladrang, where H.E. Tsem Rinpoche and his private office will be based.

After approximately three months’ construction work, the Enchanted Forest is now 90% complete. The design of the building was planned to provide a simple living and working area for Rinpoche and his personal attendants. One of the interesting features of this building is that some of the existing trees are integrated into the building.

The building is almost entirely glass so that it allows a 360 degree view of the forest from within. We are now in the midst of hiring more workers to expedite the much anticipated completion.

Over the Chinese New Year period, several dedicated volunteers decided not to return to their hometowns as is traditionally done, and instead they came to help clean up at the Enchanted Forest.

Thank goodness the Chinese New Year celebrations are almost over and the contractors are now returning to work! Here are some photos of the latest work being done at the Enchanted Forest. Please also visit the KFR Photo Updates section for the latest news in between our weekly updates.

Enchanted Forest

The front view of the Enchanted Forest, with the frame for a car porch on the right side.

Entrance of the walkway leading into the Enchanted Forest.

The Foyer of the Enchanted Forest.

A spacious kitchen for students to cook and prepare offerings.

The Audience Room.

We have minimized the cutting of trees in this project. Several trees have been incorporated into the design and structure of the house.

A sneak preview of Rinpoche’s gift room. It is from here that Rinpoche selects countless gifts for guests and students for the purpose of connecting them to the Dharma.

The library area has an unobstructed view of the surrounding green forest.

One of the personal assistants’ rooms.

Pebble wash is used throughout the flooring of the Enchanted Forest. This is to prevent Rinpoche's dogs from hurting their legs when they run around. Smooth surfaces will cause them to slide and hurt their joints.

David, Joy and Sock Wan cleaning the floor.

Jamie “Paris” cleaning the windows.

14-year-old Julien sweeping the floor.

Even 10-year-old Pavara is helping to sweep up!

15-year-old Sean cleaning windows.

Paul and Datuk May assembling kitchen cabinets.

Phil and Helena assembling drawers for one of the wardrobes in the bedroom.

WQ and Lilyn cleaning windows.

Enchanted Forest by night.

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