Sponsor A Tree, Save Our Future

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Development is closely related to growth, expansion, progress, advancement and many other definitions with a positive connotation.

Development is something we strive for the past centuries so that we can call ourselves a civilization. However, as we pursue modernity relentlessly, we often forget the sacrifices made in the name of development… plus the severe, long-term damage our future generations will have to bear. The costliest loss to bear is the harm we incur on Mother Nature.

This destruction is most detrimental because it directly impacts every earthling that resides on our planet. Without Earth, everything we work to possess will have no value. With recent freak occurrences related to the environment like climate change as well as the death of flora and fauna, we need to violently shake ourselves awake to take real action to salvage and replenish what is left of Nature in hope that, in time and effort, we will be able to reverse some of the harm done.

Re-forestation is one of the few efforts that aim to directly undo the destruction of development. At Kechara Forest Retreat, we are introducing a Sponsor a Tree campaign where we encourage people to plant trees around the building structures that will home various healing activities like meditation, and spiritual study. With the support from Kecharians, family and friends, a few trees in Kechara Forest Retreat now have a family to belong to.

Each sponsor’s name or dedication will be engraved on a plaque, which is attached to their tree. It is such a joy to witness some families, who have the privilege to get together and plant their tree into the holy ground of Kechara Forest Retreat.

Thus, sponsoring a tree not only empowers us to give back to Mother Nature, but it also gives us the opportunity to present the precious gift of bonding with loved ones as well as the satisfaction of doing something beneficial to the planet. With this opportunity to express appreciation to Mother Nature for all we have been blessed with through her kindness, take action now and be a part of Kechara Forest Retreat’s Sponsor a Tree campaign.

Mr. CK Leong hard at work preparing to plant a tree sapling.

And the sapling goes in!

Proud Father with his son and daughter, with their sapling!

Tree sponsorship details

  1. 7 – 10 feet: RM 1300/tree
  2. 5 – 7 feet: RM 850/tree
  3. 3 – 5 feet: RM 500/tree
  4. 1 – 2 feet: RM 200/tree

Green Care Program

  1. 12 months pledge: RM 850
  2. 6 months pledge: RM 400
  3. 3 months pledge: RM 200
  4. 1 time pledge: RM 80

Please make cheques payable to Kechara House (*kindly indicate at the back of cheque “For KFR Green Project”) or for our international supporters, you may sponsor via www.vajrasecrets.com.

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