Sneak Peek of Kechara Forest Retreat

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See the great short video done by Joy. It’s her first time editing and uploading this video!! Thanks Joy!

Dear Friends,

As you know we are building Kechara Forest Retreat in stages. Stage one is nearly complete. You can always keep up with what is happening there by clicking here:

We do our best to update once a week along with the thousands of others things we happily do. For now I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what is happening at a glance in Kechara Forest Retreat. So many Kecharians have been working hard to complete the first stage.

We are separated from the front of our 35 acre land to the back by a large hill. So behind the hill is private for close friends, members and students. The front side will be for the general public. We have not started the front yet. We are working on the back part which we call Ladrang or Ladrang Area. Ladrang Area consists of:

Below see some pictures of the whole Kechara Forest Retreat Ladrang Area.

Face of Skakyamuni statue being painted in Wisdom Hall today itself July 13, 2013

Wisdom Hall

Installing the sacred Shakyamuni Buddha in our Wisdom Hall at Kechara Forest Retreat. He is the main focus of our meditations and offerings. Buddha is the perfect enlightened Tathagata who found the highest Nirvana 2,500 years ago and taught us how to achieve the same through His 84,000 set of teachings.

Spectacular side view.

Close up of the sacred face of Buddha.

This is the outside of Wisdom Hall where there is a stone image of Lord Tsongkapa and enough space to offer 700 candles simultaneously. We often get requests to offer candles to the Buddhas for those who are ill, experiencing obstacles, for the deceased, business success, harmony or extension of life. So we can accommodate this type of requests from all around the world. People can order candles to be offered via

Setting up a souvenir and Dharma shop in Wisdom Hall

The whole map of Kechara Forest Retreat.

Close up of Ladrang area

Some simple maps to help you understand what is the current layout of Kechara Forest Retreat. Thanks for seeing this post and I offer you my good wishes.

Tsem Rinpoche

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