Preview of the Forest Ladrang

11 April 2013 - 2:08am Comments Off

Finally, after months of hard work by JP Thong, Nicholas, Khoo, Moh Mei, and various others, the Ladrang at the Kechara Forest Retreat is almost complete.

Before we could start putting the furnishings in, we had to make sure the whole place was seriously clean. Professional cleaners were hired to give the entire building a thorough once over; focusing especially on the windows, floors and bathrooms.

After the cleaning was done, a group of enthusiastic Kechara volunteers helped to set up the furniture. It was very exciting to see everything coming into place finally! Here is a sneak preview of the interior of the Ladrang, Kechara Forest Retreat.

The open concept living area, dining area and kitchen. Cosy, simple yet spacious.

The Gift room is now much bigger with more shelves and has a lounge area for Rinpoche to choose gifts comfortably.

The work area in the gift room, looking out into the forest.

The open concept kitchen has a great view of the surrounding greenery.

Beautiful rustic sink bowls for the guest toilets.

Creative lamps made of driftwood.

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