Helping Hope and Other Dogs at KFR!

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There are currently 20 dogs living on the Kechara Forest Retreat land. Most were resident there before our arrival. Hope is one of the dogs staying at the land before we arrived. She is extremely timid and it took three months for her to come near the cabin area to eat and hang around.

Early one morning, Hope showed up with part of her left hind leg gone. We did not know how it happened and we wanted to take her to the vet to get the wound seen to in case it got infected. Despite being wounded, she could run fast! It took two days for Pastor Susan, Dr Hank, Azai and Khoo to chase and finally catch her and Pastor Susan took Hope to the vet in KL to have much needed surgery.

Hope when we first found her

Hope is still recuperating at Pastor Susan’s house as the surgery was quite major to amputate what was left of the injured leg. The leg has now been completely removed because if the stump remained, it would have hindered her. Pastor Susan shared that Hope does not resist daily cleaning of her wound and is healing well.

3-legged Hope at Pastor Susan’s home

Animals in the wild, especially young puppies, are prone to having low immune system when they don’t eat well. They are susceptible to all kinds of illnesses. Princess and her siblings are receiving skin treatment which requires daily medication for one month.

Dogs in KFR

All the dogs on the land have received vaccinations and the adult ones are being sterilized. The current project for the animals includes fencing up an area and building a shelter for all the dogs to live in where they will be much safer, so an incident like Hope’s does not happen again. The place will also be cleaner and thus better for their health.

Pastor Susan with her trusty hoe!

Any contribution towards purchasing cement, sand, wood, steel, fencing material is very welcome. Other ways where interested parties can be involved in is through donating food and any amount of monetary contribution, which goes directly towards general and medical expenses for the animals.

Clearing the land for the animal shelter

Thanks to all the volunteers who came to help clear the land to prepare for building the shelter and all who have contributed towards Hope’s medical expenses for her surgery as well as the sterilizing fees for the mature dogs.

Do contact Pastor Susan at [email protected] if you wish to support these animals who urgently need it or if you would like to adopt one of the puppies or dogs from KFR!

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