Enthroning Manjushri on Manjushri Hill

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Manjushri, the lord of Wisdom, is celebrated as one of the most venerated of all Bodhisattvas within the Buddhist pantheon. His practice, images, mantras, prayers and meditations make up the integral part of the Gaden teachings. Manjushri was the teacher of Lama Tsongkhapa, the founder of our lineage, with whom he would constantly be in close communication with.

Lama Tsongkhapa received teachings directly from Manjushri and even composed prayers inspired by Manjushri which we still use today! Lama Tsongkhapa is also known as an emanation of Manjushri himself. This strong affinity with Manjushri is what led to H.E. Tsem Rinpoche to place a beautiful white stone Manjushri statue on top of the aptly named Manjushri Hill to bless all beings in the area.

It is through Manjushri’s statue that Rinpoche hopes to plant seeds of Buddha’s powerful wisdom into all who sees and makes offerings to him. Manjushri has the powerful effect to increase one’s wisdom, memory and creativity upon all who recites his mantra and does his practice.

Manjushri waiting to be lifted to his platform

The lotus is placed on the platform first.

Manjushri about to be lifted on top of the lotus

Liaison Paul Yap was in charge of arranging for this Manjushri statue to be enthroned on a specially made platform on Manjushri Hill at the Kechara Forest Retreat, overlooking the valley to bless the people and surroundings. Early on the morning of 28 May 2013, Paul arranged for a crane to lift Manjushri onto a lorry to transport it to its permanent platform. Several of Manjushri’s implements were removed and kept aside to avoid any damage, then he was carefully escorted to the platform. The platform is surrounded by white stones and green bamboo; creating a Zen garden as the Manjushri’s abode.

As soon as Manjushri was placed on top of the platform, a group of students who are working out from Manjushri Hill prepared offerings for a special puja to enthrone Manjushri. Just as the offerings were placed in front of Manjushri, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the background to the right of Manjushri. This is considered an auspicious sign as there was no rain before the rainbow appeared. After the rainbow appeared, there was a very light drizzle which also stopped as the puja began.

A rainbow appears in the horizon

Manjushri with offerings in front

All these good omens indicate that the beings living in the area are happy that Dharma is going to be spread from this land to the ten directions which will benefit many. Manjushri will bless every single being to develop special wisdom to gain full realization of Buddha’s teachings in the future, and thus achieve inner and outer peace.

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