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7 November 2013 - 2:33pm Comments Off

Dear Kecharians and friends,

On 1 November 2013, The Board of Directors gathered to discuss the following issues in Kechara Forest Retreat (KFR):

1. Rectification of the Medicine Buddha Hill slopes along the main roads

When our main road was being constructed late last year, the road works left parts of Medicine Buddha Hillís slopes exposed to erosion. With the onset of the upcoming monsoon season, our engineers have identified areas which require our immediate attention. Rectifications will commence as soon as the Board of Directors have appointed an earthworks contractor.

2. An update on the renovation of Tara Walk

The meditation walk, now renamed the Tara Walk, will feature statues of the 21 Taras along the path. Whilst the path itself will be sheltered by trellises, the statues will be carved from stone and be elevated on pedestals. Quotations from our contractor have returned for the trellises. Modifications to the design are currently being made to fit the budget that has been allocated to this project.

3. The relocation of Rinpoche’s old cabin

After the purchase of our land last year, the KFR team immediately set about establishing temporary accommodation for the staff working on the project, as well as a cabin specially dedicated and renovated for Rinpoche’s use.

Now that the Ladrang in KFR has been established, we will soon be moving Rinpoche’s cabin to the centre of our land so that people can go on a pilgrimage to the very spot where KFR and its activities first manifested.

This is the cabin where Rinpoche stayed during the early days of KFR, when our land was only mud and trees. Rinpoche would stay for weeks at a time doing pujas and prayers, to consecrate the land. Rinpoche would also hold various meetings with the liaisons, enduring the hardship of unreliable electricity and water supply, as well as innumerable insect bites. Everything has been left exactly as Rinpoche left it the last time Rinpoche resided there.

The cabin is the perfect pilgrimage spot much like a Tibetan might wish to visit the Potala ñ as the abode of a lama, all of the belongings are considered to have absorbed the lamaís enlightened energy and blessings. Hence, the cabin is a living legacy of that early period and is very sacred because of the energy of the prayers and work that Rinpoche did in there.

4. The start of activities in KFR

Kechara has begun to host regular activities in KFR. This includes sadhana practice programmes running over the weekend, as well as classes in breathing and relaxation techniques. In running these activities, we create the causes for more programmes in the future, and for many more to visit KFR and find healing and peace on our land.

We hope that you will support us! This being the first time we have initiated activities of such scale, we welcome any feedback or suggestions to [email protected].

For further information on our programmes, for sponsorship opportunities, or to schedule a visit to Kechara Forest Retreat, please contact Kechara House at +603 7803 3908 or email [email protected]

With prayers,

The Kechara Board of Directors

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