Kechara Oasis in Clive Magazine

8 November 2009 - 12:33am Comments Off

Kechara Oasis’ fantastic vegetarian dining does it again! This time, it’s hit young, fashionable men’s lifestyle magazine, Clive, under their “eats” column, featuring food reviews and different kinds of cuisines. K.O. is praised for its “balance of flavors and textures from Chinese, Tibetan, Nepali, Vietnamese and Western cuisines” which will “have you lifting up that pair of chopsticks over and over again.” Bravo Kechara Oasis! Here’s to making vegetarianism delicious, fashionable and oh-so-very-sexy for the planet!

Click the image below to read the full article. Please note that as the image is quite large (to ensure that the text remains legible), it may take a little longer than usual to load.

For reservations and enquiries, please call Kechara Oasis directly at +603 7968 1818.

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