How MSN can be a Dharma practice

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Jamie teaching Ngeow and Henry

Dear everyone,

Do open the attachment from Su Ming. It is very nice and heart-warming to see all people (in this case the liaisons) in our organization improving themselves to do a better job. If we always say we cannot, then we cannot and have to find other ways to make ourselves look good to cover our deficiencies. It would be much better to stick through all difficulties, push ourselves to improve so we can get the job done. It is nice to say “I can’t and I am not capable,” but that is pure laziness that arises from selfishness. Everywhere, selfishness is not respected. Effort, trying, improving and sticking together to get things done is respected everywhere and by everyone.

Here the liaisons are learning to do MSN chat and video conferencing conducted at the Ladrang by Paris, Justin Ripley, Shin, Su Ming and Joy at our first computer/IT workshop. Liaisons are having fun it seems. We should have more workshops like this. Looks like we have the teacher and the interested pupils to learn. I thank the organizers, teachers and participants very much. We need to have more like this to improve and add to the skills of our KH people to fulfill our goals through efficiency.

I congratulate the hardworking liaisons to push themselves to do more. When people quit, they lose, when people push themselves they win. It is harder to quit, because then when everything comes up, you are not part of it. It is easier to stay although in the beginning it may be difficult; but when it is all done, you can be super happy and rejoice.

That is the spirit we need to make big things happen with our goals and dreams. We make that effort AND THEN ONLY when we combine with pujas, we will see things move. Just doing pujas and not making much personal effort, will be like having only one wing, with which no bird can fly.

Tsem Rinpoche

MSN & Video Conferencing Workshop

Date: 13th November 2008

Venue: Ladrang

Testing Out MSN and Video Conferencing

Joy with Mr and Mrs Ngeow

Justin and Chia



Sio Chian was very happy learning how to video conference


Yoke Fui

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