Translating blog into Ukrainian

28 March 2011 - 10:50pm 1 Comment

Dear Rinpoche,

I have translated two posts from your blog into Ukrainian and sent them to you in the archive attached. I’ve also posted them on my blog and shared the links with my Gelugpa friends from Kyiv here. Will delete them from my blog and change links as soon as you post them.

Translating your posts is very interesting and joyful for me and if you don’t mind, I will continue doing this and translate several more posts from the categories of “Buddhas” , “Dharma” and “Practice”. When our group gets together we usually read, contemplate and discuss fundamentals of Buddhism as stated in the Lamrim. Your blog and videos often help us a lot to understand very difficult provisions.

Your Eminence, thank you very much for this opportunity!


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