Anila Thupten Chonyid with Vajrayogini

4 November 2010 - 7:34am Comments Off

Hello Rinpoche!

I don’t know what to say. Let me start with a million thanks and wow! The Vajrayogini is so, so beautiful! The most beautiful ever. She’s so inspiring. I love Her. I can’t believe She is here in my house. Now I’ll have to be good and try to live up to being worthy of Her, with Her help. I guess I must have done something very good at some point. There’s hope for me yet! I am extremely lucky.

On both Thursday and Friday I had late long distance runs in the ambulance, so I couldn’t be home on time for the delivery man. But it was nice the way she ended up coming on Friday, which was Hla Bab Duchen. Propicious, wouldn’t you say? And it wasn’t till today, tsechu day, that I got two guys to carry Her up to the Gompa room upstairs.

Thank you for all the other gifts also. I love and wear the beautiful Vajrayogini pendant. I can use all the blessings. Once again, thank you. You have wonderful students. Quite impressive. So devoted, so capable, so good. Gen Yonden Gyatso was very happy with them. You remember how he laughs happily when he rejoices. He liked the way they are so good together, so harmonious. He was very happy and excited (tickled pink) to hear about everything that you are doing.

Thank you once more, and love and rejoicing,
Thupten Chonyid

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