Thanks from Tara’s Babies

19 November 2010 - 4:51pm 1 Comment

Dear Rinpoche,

I do not know where to begin my thanks to you. We spent much time talking, and Su Ming and Elena helped me feed the dogs, and move a dog house (in the dark!!), while Elisa helped Ani Karen cook dinner for us all.  I was inspired by their genuine willingness to help however they could and, most of all, by their obvious love for and devotion to you.

(From Left to Right) Elena, Elisa, Ani Kunzang and Su Ming

The next day we went through the biography book they had made to bring on their visit. I am awed by all that you have accomplished, and by your ceaseless generosity and hard work to secure the Dharma and benefit beings. Your Sangha is also wonderful and diligent; all that Kechara is and will become is truly amazing. I hope one day to visit and see it for myself.

Tara's Babies' 'office'

Mostly Rinpoche, I wish to thank you from my heart for your generous gifts to me. I am humbled by your kindness, and very blessed that by serving Jetsunma in this way, my Path has intersected with you.

Thank you for your love and support of Tara’s Babies. It is the blessing of the divine Bodhicitta that enables us all to serve our Teachers and work to alleviate suffering.

With deep respect and gratitude

Ani Kunzang

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  1. I am very happy that Tara’s Babies and Kechara have been able to connect thru the blessings and miraculous activities of our Teachers, Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo and HE Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. As students we are extraordinarily fortunate to be blessed with such a pure path of compassion and wisdom thru them.
    I am just a very ordinary woman, with the wonderful good fortune – in middle age! – to have met Jetsunma with my heart, and to know her in an inexplicable way. That is the blessing they bring each of us – and if with can listen and respond with courage, certainty, love and devotion, only benefit can arise. Even if that looks like poop-scooping a bunch of dog yards! – it is still the miraculous Bodhicitta at work. lol. I look forward to a continued and strengthening relationship between our Sanghas as we work to accomplish the pure vision of our Teachers. Many thanks to Su Ming, Elena and Elisa for visiting us and to Rinpoche and all his wonderful students.