Success Strategies of Kechara

15 July 2010 - 3:27am 2 Comments

The email below found its way into the inbox of one of our members. Originally extracted from a Buddhist forum or mailing list, we thought it would be interesting to share their comments on Kechara with all. Do take a read.

From: V O
Date: Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 23:17
Subject: Kechara World Peace Centre (KWPC)

Very little has been said or mentioned about them in Buddhist forums. But quietly they have grown by leaps and bounds behind the scene. At least that’s what I have observed. They have crept their way into Penang and will most certainly establish themselves in due  time.

What is certain is this group cannot be ignored anymore. Once this Kechara World Peace Centre is completed, they would have put their mark as the numero uno of all Tibetan Buddhist centers in Malaysia. In case, you did not know, the project is somewhere on the outskirts of KL and the building architecture looks very much like a tibetan monastery. Projects like this will certainly be a future tourist attraction in Malaysia and it goes without saying, that any government will love such projects. Who knows they may even get huge government grants and all that…for bringing in that valuable tourism dollars, just like Kek Lok Si. The building looks so big… like Potala Palace!!

The organisation led by Tsem Rinpoche has grown by so much in so few years.. attracting so many Datuks and Datins…celebrities…the all important journalists and main stream media of major newspapers… They even have their own publication house. And their books are sold in MPH elsewhere. And these books are authored by their own members such as the book titled “Call Me Paris”.

What attribute to their success? A few I can list here:-

1. Superb organisation skill
2. Constant puja and retreat dedicated to their protector – Setrap
3. Constant puja and retreat dedicated to Dzambala
4. They actually reach out to the community by making their stand on issues like non-killing of dolphins/whales, animal issues… environment issues…etc
5. Making connections to kids
6. Having teachings stream live all over the world via their justin tv
7. Using new media such as blogs, facebooks, youtube, etc to reach out to many people globally
8. They have things like Kechara Kitchen Soup that reaches out to food lovers and housewives…

You can add more. etc etc etc

Let’s not envy their success but objectively analyse their formula for external success.

Yes, these are merely external successes. But if you read their members letters, it appears they are also successful in their practice… so you can think for yourself, what have they done that is right.

Above all, I think they have good leadership. Good leadership is important to any centre’s success.

I rest my case and let you guys ponder over it.

By the way, I do not attend their teachings nor a member not a student of Tsem Rinpoche. Hence my views expressed here are those from a “passer-by” only. In this email, I am neither jealous of them nor supporting them explicitly. But merely expressing my analysis just like an auditor checking the accounts. Like I said, their tremendous success and their upcoming huge KWPC project, like them or not, you will sooner or later get to know them, …even if it’s just reading about them on the newspaper.

On Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 10:44 AM, V O wrote:

Kechara Soup Kitchen is their programme that provides food to the homeless and urban poor. Not reaching out to foodlovers and housewives, as I previously mentioned. Sorry for the error.

If you check out their website and blog, do you know what they do to ensure success?

Well, check out their weekly schedule. They dedicate 2 days out of 7 days to doing Protector puja. And another 2 days to Dzambala puja. Don’t just believe me, check it out. If I am mistaken, let me know.

And they are accumulating xxxx number of Serkym offerings, xxxx number of protector mantra and xxx number of prostrations to ensure success of the KWPC project.

Re: Kechara World Peace Centre (KWPC)

Dear brother,

It actually does not matter what others think about them. We learn what is positive from them and we leave what we think is negative. While we pray to our respective protectors, we certainly can learn the organisational and management aspects by watching how they do things. Of course, we have our own ways of doing things, but certainly we can improve, can’t we?

2 Responses to Success Strategies of Kechara

  1. Success – Participation!

    In the broadest context:

    Get everyone involve, to live and breathe the dream, the aspiration, the brand with positive efforts and energies.

    It does take a special kind of person at the top to inspire and spearhead change – get everyone on board, connect, take that 1st step, and move forward.

    Projects be it “Big” or “Small”, the journey, challenge, pursuit, motivation to make that dream, aspiration a reality is what counts!

    The learning curve embarked by everyone in an organisation, experiencing the good, the bad the ugly, hiccups, trials, tribulations and triumphs together – priceless!

    It opens up possibilities, limits… and makes everyone realise that there is a role for everyone – we can help, contribute by playing a part, and that every effort individually and collectively actually propels and elevates everyone to another level of learning and understanding, development, progress.

  2. I believe that Kechara is growing by leaps and bounds because not only of their organizational skills and the talented people who can really multi task and execute a lot of things (think of 11 face Avalokiteshvara with thousand hands!).. It is also their unshakeable devotion and faith in their Guru: Tsem Tsulku Rinpoche. H.E Tsulku Rinpoche is, I believe a living Bodhisattva, the main driving force behind Kechara.. Their astounding devotion to their Guru has made all these possible,

    And because of this, they are leading by example, As Rinpoche mentioned many times: Respect your Guru, Do what he tells you to do. He is walking the talk and He knows what type of dharma practice is good for you! Faith, Devotion, Commitment, Expedient Skills and means : Their recipe of success! May all their endeavors be successful and may their actions will lead others to develop Bodhicitta and start the path towards Enlightenment! SADHU!!!!