No more would I eat meat

26 January 2011 - 2:28am Comments Off

Dear Beng,

I hope that all is well with Rinpoche and all of you in Malaysia.

I received the presents that you sent on behalf of Rinpoche and can only say that I was overwhelmed by his compassion. I can’t say how grateful that I am to him and all of you who help him to spread the teachings of Lama Tsongkhapa.

I vow to read ever word in the books that were sent, listen to every minute of the CDs and watch every second of the DVDs that were sent. The tsa tsa of Lama Tsongkhapa is on my altar next to a picture of His Eminence. More than that, I am really working to change myself and I know for a fact that Rinpoche’s teachings have played an instrumental role in not only inspiring this motivation, but in providing an example of what it is to live for others.

I love Rinpoche’s practical no-nonsense approach to Dharma and sincerely pray that more teachers in the West will see the value in Rinpoche’s style and more importantly his dedication to do what is necessary to see the teachings of Losang Drakpa take root and flourish throughout the world.

It is my sincere wish to somehow create the causes to make it to Malaysia to take teachings from Rinpoche in person, but until the time that I have earned sufficient merit, I will take what I can from afar and make prostrations to my picture of him until I can make prostrations to him in person.

I would also like to share with you so that you may share with His Eminence that I am going to go vegetarian. For the past couple of years I have been mostly vegetarian, but a few times a month I have been giving in to my desire for meat only to eat it and feel guilty afterwards. Now, I am going to give it up for good.

What inspired me to do this was a few weeks ago I was driving in my car listening to a CD of Rinpoche’s teachings when I found myself next to a large semi-truck. In a bottom compartment of the lumbering vehicle was a small enclosure where a group of baby pigs were cramped together. They were pushing their tiny noses through a small opening in what appeared to be a desperate bid to escape the crushing confines of their prison. It was freezing that day and I could only imagine what it must feel like hurtling down the road, with a cold wind blasting you on your way to a short and miserable life being tortured and then murdered. I was gripped by a sense of sadness and then I heard Rinpoche’s voice. I don’t remember what it was exactly he was saying, but of course it was Dharma, of course it had to do with benefiting others. I was inspired.  No more would I eat meat. I have Rinpoche to thank for that. I thank him for many things and I thank all of you in Malaysia and elsewhere who are his students and who work tirelessly on behalf of the holy Dharma.

I wish you all the best,
Big Love from the USA,
Tony Allen

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