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17 March 2011 - 5:33pm Comments Off

Hello Rinpoche,

I am writing to you this message to personally say “Thank You” to you. After reading one of your books in which you said you called your stepmum to make amends, I decided to write an email to a (former) enemy of mine to make amends as well. It was actually something that I have not let go of for the past two years. The resentment that I felt was so strong at times that I would relive the event over and over again in my head for months and months.

But eventually I decided that enough is enough, and if I were to really become a better person and make spiritual progress, I had to take the first step.

So I wrote him an email apologising for what happened between us and sincerely hoping that we could put it behind us. I had no idea what to expect from him after sending him the email (Would he reply? Would he completely reject me?).

Anyway, this is his reply after reading my email:

G’day Joe.

I got a real surprise when I read your message. Well done for writing it! I would find it hard to do that. I think it actually took some balls to write it and it sounds like you have reflected on it a fair bit. I also reflect on past conflicts too.

I wouldn’t waste any more time reflecting on it. It isn’t good to overanalyze that stuff. I like politics and can be a bit opinionated at times and I often focus too much on small things. Especially at that time…

I am very impressed that you wrote to me and I have no ill feelings toward you. I sincerely hope that everything goes well for you in life and you can reach your dreams. Thanks and good luck.


I have to say I was quite touched when I saw his reply and I am glad in my heart that the negative karma between us has been dissolved (I hope). I also realised that underneath it all (i.e. our argument, our egos), he is ultimately a decent and good person anyway,

So once again, thank you Rinpoche for helping me to see that.

All the best to you and Kechara House.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

Jau Ho

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