Gifts for Yamantaka Center

17 March 2011 - 3:38am Comments Off

Dear Tsem Rinpoche…

I delivered the Lama Tsongkhapa and Green Tara posters, and the Vajrayogini book to all my sangha brothers and sisters at Yamantaka Center…if you could only see their faces, their smiles, their energy…all my sangha family loved it so so much.

The Yamantaka sangha family sent you a message:

They feel so grateful for your generosity and the presents that you sent us…they also felt very inspired by the Dharma work that you do at Kechara…

Everyone wants to know more about your teachings and Kechara organisation

(I sent to them the website links, some of your YouTube teachings and the Kechara websites)

As for me…

I can’t express the feeling and the words of how much your teachings help me day by day…you are truly an inspiration to me.

Anyway I hope everything goes very well to you and all the sangha at Kechara…I admire everything about the organisation.

Best wishes to you and the Kechara sangha,
Miguel Alejandro Rico Buitrago

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