Under Setrap’s Protection (and Rinpoche and Tsongkhapa!)

10 March 2010 - 6:48pm Comments Off

Kien never imagined this simple moment would save his life...note the pendant box on the table next to Liaison Chuah Su Ming, ready to be given to Kien on behalf of His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

Kien Wong is not someone prone to believing in miracles but what happened to him on the afternoon of 7 March 2010 is so unexplainable, he cannot help but believe that Setrap, Tsongkhapa and most of all, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, came to his rescue all at once.

Two months ago, during preparations for the Grand Setrap & Dzambala Puja, Kien was volunteering in the Ladrang late one night helping to prepare door gifts for members of the press. Rinpoche gave Kien a diamond-cut, hollow-back Tsongkhapa pendant that night, saying that it would bless and protect him. As all of us would, Kien accepted the gift with much gratitude and as a few of us might, he gave little further thought to Rinpoche’s words.

After all, who would suspect that “protect” could literally mean saving his life?

It was a muggy afternoon and as he and a friend drove down the main road in sleepy Kampung Sejagop, on his way back to Kuala Lumpur, Kien felt a wave of drowsiness wash over him. As his eyelids grew heavy and finally snapped shut, before he knew it, Kien had dozed off at the wheel. It was just a moment or two before he woke up, but only to find himself on course for a head-on collision with a bus stop.

Try as he did to swerve out of the way, Kien and his friend smashed into the bus stop’s pillar, before spinning out of control in a full circle…only to fall headlong into a ditch full of water.

Two things, Kien says, makes this story all the more incredible. One was the amount of traffic on the road they were driving on – being one of the main roads of the village, it is normally very busy but on that day, the road was near empty.

Kien is sure that without the protection of Rinpoche, Setrap and Tsongkhapa, there is no way he would've survived this with just a few scratches

Second was the consequence of his gift from Rinpoche. During the accident, the pendant flew off and could not be found. All that was left was the circular hook that connected the pendant proper to the chain. Kien also kept a Setrap chakra in his car and during the accident, that too disappeared and could not be found.

Kien says it is incredible that given the gravity of the accident, he and his friend walked away with nothing more than light scratches. All of the windows have been smashed in, and his car crumpled into a mess.

Kien’s six-month-old car may be a total write-off, but Kien has definitely not written off the protection that Rinpoche, Setrap and Tsongkhapa have given him. Had he not been protected by the Three Jewels at the time of the incident, Kien says he is without doubt that the outcome would have been much worse; at best involving a more serious injury, at worse involving a death.

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