Setrap: Something Special to Joan Foo Mahony

24 March 2010 - 12:26pm Comments Off

“Mrs. Mahony, I think there is something wrong with the car as I can’t control it!” my normally calm and collected driver, Nizam seemed to shout with alarm.

Then, before I could even say anything, I heard a loud bang and the car screeched to a zig zag stop …just outside the tire shop near Kechara Media & Publications (KMP)! I jumped out and saw that the rear tire had almost popped out of its rim!

My car has these very special BMW tires that never deflate so that if anything goes wrong, they just go on for at least 100km until pop – BIG problems happen. Of course, the automatic alarm lights in the dashboard would have lit up way in advance before it is too late.

Anyway, in my case, for some reason, the lights did not go on so that I had no forewarning and when the tire almost popped out, it was at the “too late” stage!

I was indeed very lucky and blessed that my Protector, Lord Setrap was around that day, as had my driver driven onto the highway by then and almost certainly been speeding along, the car would have certainly crashed. As it was, we were just leaving KMP and driving slowly along the little road when the incident happened – conveniently just along “Kechara Avenue” and right in front of the tire shop!

Yes, how lucky and fortunate and indeed how blessed we were! I knew for sure that it was Lord Setrap who saved us, not just because I hold this Protector Deity very dear to me (I even have Setrap as my screen saver so I see him 24/7 – well almost!) but particularly because just the day before, I had invited Lord Setrap home from the Ladrang.

To welcome Setrap into my home, I had a special wonderful blissful Setrap puja in my new meditation room and altar at my home with Tan Sio Chian, Andrew Boon and Thierry Janssens kindly helping me. So, the beautiful puja we just had (the very first Setrap puja I ever had in my home) was still very fresh in my mind when this incident happened!

I am very glad and happy to share this story with my Kechara family and I am humbled and so very grateful to Lord Setrap for taking such good care of all of us.

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