Setrap Gets Down to Business

31 March 2010 - 3:24pm Comments Off

“I was asked by my wife’s friend, Sally Tan to come for an open Tsök sometime in December 2006. That was also the first time I met His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche. I distinctly remember being intrigued and surprised to meet a Lama who spoke such good English.

At the time, my practice included going to a Theravadan temple and donating blood every Wesak Day, as well as the occasional visit to a Chinese Buddhist temple. I had also been watching Dharma talks on the Internet and was chanting the Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) Mantra and Mahayana “Dai Be Chou” (Great Compassion) Mantra everyday. I suppose I had some merit as I was able to meet Rinpoche!

At the end of the Dharma talk, I made a khata offering to Rinpoche and told him of my “practice“. He then asked me to attend the Setrap Puja every Monday to help me in my practice, which I have done since.

The first time I offered a khata to Setrap I was quite afraid as he looked so fierce. However, knowing that he is an emanation of Amitabha Buddha provided me with some comfort.

At the time, Kechara House was doing the 10 million Migtsema Mantras and at every puja, we had to do as many malas of Migtsema as we could. Coupled with the fact that we were doing the medium length Setrap Puja, all I could think of each time was just finishing the puja. However, the thought of giving up never occurred to me, although I must admit that I sometimes tried to find excuses not to come. Thus I persevered and always donated a token amount of money to sponsor the puja.

Over time, things got much better and my patience increased. I found myself looking forward to the Pujas every Monday.

I had started a new company in December 2005. The aim was to be a new mobile operator in Malaysia. Being a small player in the industry, suffice to say this was going to be no mean feat. How was I going to get a license from the government to do that?

With patience and I believe, Setrap’s help, I was able to secure the license from the regulator in November 2007 and mobile prefix numbers in May 2008. I even managed to sign a long-term sharing agreement with a leading telco to use their mobile infrastructure in September 2008.

It took more than three years to secure all the relevant licenses, assignments and contracts. Were it not for Setrap’s help, I would have suffered many doubts and maybe even given up. Every time I faced a problem, I always believed Setrap would help and somehow, I would overcome the problem.

Though I’ve overcome many obstacles, I need a few more years of growth in my company in order to reach my financial goals. I strongly believe that Setrap will continue to look after me.

On a spiritual level, Setrap has opened a bigger picture for my practice as a whole. I now have a better understanding of the Dharma, have developed a more compassionate attitude, and hopefully have planted the merits and seeds for ultimate liberation.

My personal motivation is that my success can bring direct worldly assistance to Kechara World Peace Centre, and be an example to many people out there who like me want worldly success. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, as long as we have the motivation to benefit our partners, family and all sentient beings!”

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