Betsy Benefits with Dzambala

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Dear Madam Yoke Fui,


How are you doing? How’s the retreat going on? I really wish I could join the retreat a bit longer.

Anyway hope this e-mail will find you well.

I would like to share my experience after I joined Dzambala Retreat on April 2010; hope this will give benefit to others.

I have been planning to learn the Dzambala practice for a long time but the opportunity did not arise. However, on April 23rd 2010, the opportunity came and because of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s generosity and kindness, I was able to join the Dzambala Retreat as well as the Refuge taking ceremony.

I was so elated when I received my ritual set for the Dzambala practice. Hence after refuge taking ceremony, we managed to do a short Dzambala puja, but I was so nervous because I was a bit worried about the mudras and I misplaced the peacock feather. I also put the bhumpa too far out and I placed the vajra wrongly…aiya!!

I felt very drawn to the mantras and prayers that we recited, and although this is the first time I did the Dzambala puja, I felt like I knew Dzambala like old friends.

But on next day through the kindness of KH members such as Peter who taught me how to do mudras properly and Gim Lee who showed me how to arrange the set properly, I felt ready for the retreat.

Before starting the puja, we were required to set our motivation for KWPC’s manifestation. Along with that, my personal wish was to learn how to generate more generosity and through the Dzambala practice, I knew we would get spiritual wealth as well as material wealth.

I would like to say that I enjoyed the puja immensely. I felt very drawn to the mantras and prayers that we recited, and although this is the first time I did the Dzambala puja, I felt like I knew Dzambala like old friends. As I bathed the Dzambala and offered him the tormas, I could see him smiling which made me very happy. I have to say, it was definitely one of the most unforgettable times I have spent at KH.

The next day, I flew back to Jakarta and promised myself that I would continue to do the Dzambala practice at home. To my amazement, four days after coming back from the Dzambala retreat, my boss informed me that I was getting a promotion at the end of this month and very soon, would be moved to a new office which is a larger business unit in this large conglomerate I work for. Another reason I was surprised was last month I was the one who personally submitted the promotion proposal on behalf of my unit to the HQ and at that time, my name was not even on the papers! I just found out that one of my bosses at HQ was the one who submitted my name.

I do realize that moving into a bigger department means much more responsibilities, but it also means more challenges and obstacles for me as well. As I am in charge of the Human Resources department, the problems are never ending as they involve people. I do realize that being in such a position, it would require me to generate more generosity in body, speech, and mind, therefore, I will practise my Dzambala practice diligently and consistently.

Lastly, as Dzambala has miraculously granted me this unforeseen promotion (material wealth), I believe strongly that he will also grant me spiritual wealth as I continue to practise his practice. I would like to dedicate my achievement to Rinpoche, and may KWPC quickly manifest and bring benefit to many more people.

Folded hands,

Betsy Ciaputra

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