Time for spring cleaning!

29 December 2010 - 4:19pm Comments Off

Want a fresh start for a new season? Want to begin 2011 with your life reorganised and decluttered? Then it is time to get spring cleaning!

For the next few days (or weeks, depending on how much stuff you have!), dedicate yourself to cleaning up your living and working space. Give your belongings a breath of fresh air, and a much-needed second life!

A familiar sight that's stressing you out? Do something about it!

Do you have anything that you have never used, or clothes you have not worn for the past 12 months? Give them away to someone who needs it more than you. Look at cleaning out your old books or magazines, and clearing away your old furniture.

Yes, spring cleaning is in the air, and the Kechara Earth Project (KEP) is here to help you, with our Spring Cleaning Charity Collection from now until 28 February 2011.

If you have paper (books / magazines / newspapers), metal or plastics for recycling, or if you have any used items that will be loved by a new owner, please contact Kok Yek Yee (+6012 388 3390), Lew Kwan Leng (+6012 316 3737) or Wan Wai Meng (+6012 215 0968).

Start 2011 with a new outlook – think outside of the box, think environment!

Take your cue from this!

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