The Virtue of Giving

23 October 2013 - 2:23pm Comments Off

Giving creates happiness. Generosity makes you open.

~ Tsem Rinpoche

A simple and logical statement yet often forgotten as we constantly seek happiness from all that surrounds us. But what is it that truly gives us happiness; happiness from deep within, happiness which can last, and happiness that is infectious?

True to his words, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche – a figure of great inspiration and an embodiment of peace, kindness and generosity himself – continues to instil the virtue of giving to all around the world. It is when people start to give that true happiness is felt. It is when people start to give that others will reciprocate. And it is when people start to give that world peace is near.

The Gifts Team has been assisting Rinpoche in sending and giving gifts to students, members and friends both locally and abroad, all over the world. This is done with the pure motivation of connecting people with the Dharma. Many lives have been changed just by being at the receiving end of Rinpoche’s kindness.

Recently, Rinpoche has donated a lot of Dharma and Non-Dharma items from his personal collection to the Gift Team to sell in the Flea Market of the Kechara Forest Retreat. This is one of the many examples of generosity shown by Rinpoche to us in addition to giving the opportunity to others to obtain Dharma items at very low cost. With that, more will be connected to and blessed by the Three Jewels.

This video is inspired by Rinpoche’s teachings, highlighting the love and care Rinpoche has shown to us. We hope that this video will also inspire more people to experience the generous act of giving. Just like a candle which loses nothing by passing on the light to another candle, we hope that by promoting the virtuous act of giving, it will make the world a better and brighter place.

In conjunction with H.E Tsem Rinpoche’s upcoming birthday celebration on 24 October 2013, we encourage you to personally experience the happiness that comes from giving and the wish to have the Buddha’s blessings bestowed on others. That is the highest giving and the highest form of happiness one can have. Those you love and care for deserve happiness… and so do you.

Whether it is through social media, or in person, anyone who crosses paths with Rinpoche will leave smiling and more at peace because Rinpoche gives his all to each and everyone of us.

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