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May Woo receives her prize, a 3-foot Green Tara statue, from Datuk May Phng (President of Kechara House)

In September 2010, the Liaisons Council began an incentive programme, as a means of encouraging and tracking the personal development of Kechara staff. The first round of the Liaisons Council Incentive Programme (LCIP) concluded in January 2011, with the best performer May Woo of Kechara Paradise choosing a 3-foot Green Tara as her reward!

"I'd like to thank my mother, thank my father..." Liaison Henry Ooi jokes during May's speech...with such good camaraderie, how could working in Kechara Paradise be a chore?

At a prize presentation event held in the new Kechara gompa, the winners were invited to choose their prizes and make a speech to all the full-time staff who attended. “I want to thank all of my colleagues in Kechara Paradise for voting for me and, as Henry said, I never expected myself to be the winner,” said May Woo, referring to her Head of Department Henry Ooi. May received her prize from Kechara House President Datuk May Phng.

May really did thank her mother and father, and everyone else who has been kind to her

The first runner-up Chua Siong Woan of Kechara Soup Kitchen and second runner-up Angie Ng of Kechara Oasis both chose Sony VAIO laptops as their prizes. In her speech, Siong Woan thanked her mentor Dato’ Ruby Khong, saying that Dato’ Ruby had benefited her a lot.

“When I first joined Kechara, I thought I knew a lot but after joining, I realised that I was really wrong about that, and I still have some way to go,” expressed Siong Woan after receiving her prize. Angie Ng also thanked everyone in Kechara House and Kechara Oasis for voting for her.

Chua Siong Woan receives her laptop from Datuk May

The Liaisons Council Incentive Programme is an internal peer-evaluation programme for full-time staff in all of Kechara’s departments. The purpose of this programme is to empower and provide an incentive for staff performance on a broad range of criteria set by the Liaisons Council. Prizes for top performers are awarded every three months and there are currently three prizes up for grabs – one Sony VAIO laptop, a 32” LCD TV and a highly-coveted iPad! According to the rules, the winner with top scores has the privilege to choose their prize, followed by first runner-up and second runner-up…but do not worry if these prizes do not attract you, because the Liaisons Council plan to provide more!

Siong Woan thanked Dato' Ruby, as well as the Kechara Soup Kitchen team for supporting her

Angie Ng receives her Vaio laptop from Henry Ooi, Vice President of Kechara House

After the event, everyone adjourned to beautiful Kechara Care Lounge next door for some delicious Kechara Oasis food

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