Shopping for a good cause!

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In collaboration with Lah Lah Land, Kechara Care had its very own flea market on 23 January at the Kechara Care Lounge. It was to create awareness and raise funds for Kechara’s latest department, Kechara Animal Sanctuary, and for Kechara’s recycling division.

Altogether, there were 10 stalls and most of them were selling used items, to promote recycling. It was definitely a case of one man’s rubbish being another’s treasure, and the eager customers showed that even old stuff can be reused and turned into something fashionable!

Business was brisk, and it is no wonder – even though there were ‘just’ 10 stalls, there was a large variety of items, from clothing to home decor items, to very yummy food and drinks, to shoes and bags…you name it, we had it! Even we had a Lah Lah Land DJ on the decks, playing cool indie tunes!

What more can anyone have asked for?

Shoppers were also encouraged to bring their own recyclable items, so that Kechara’s recycling division could take care of it for them.

Shopping, taking pictures or spending a Sunday afternoon chilling amongst like-minded fashion lovers – that is what the Lah Lah Land and Kechara Care flea market was great for! Watch out for the next one…if you want to support us and rent a stall, please contact Ethan Chu at +6012 254 4030 for more information.

Shop for a good cause!

We did say it was a gathering of like-minded individuals...!

Clothes, bags, shoes...wigs?!

There wasn't a single crumb left by the end of the flea market!

There was a crowd all day, taking their time to browse through the racks

An antique CD to match your antique phone?

Browsing, browsing, browsing...

The flea market was for people of all ages, old...

...and young!

Beautiful, ORIGINAL vintage clothing for bargain prices!

Creativity in jewellery, both new and handmade, and pre-loved

Please excuse Bryan Ho, he was just on the phone calling more of his friends to visit the flea market!

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