Sharing Setrap: Session 1!

8 September 2010 - 3:34am Comments Off

Tuesday evening after the Chinese Setrap Puja saw a group invited over to Kechara Care Lounge for a sharing session. Organised by Kechara Care, the session would enable some senior students of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche to share their experiences, to help newcomers understand and learn more Dharma. Thus the session was planned as a good platform for newcomers to get inspired by these “real life” encounters and get their questions answered.

This was the first session held hosted by Chia Song Peng, Kechara Paradise staff and a very experienced and knowledgable senior student of Rinpoche. Chia shared with the group the role of Setrap in our daily life, his real life experiences with the Protector and what a Dharma protector is all about. The new Kechara Moments series was also shown to the group.

It was a good get-together session and more will be held at Kechara Care Lounge, alternating each week between English and Chinese. Look out for the next one if you have some interesting stories to share!

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