September Animal Liberation at Kepong Metropolitan Park

5 September 2012 - 2:09pm Comments Off


n 2nd September 2012, the monthly animal liberation activity was attended by a total of 42 people, with 7 first timers joining in that Sunday morning. They were Yap Wei Wei, Mr Hee Thye Seng, Chan Pek Wah and mother, Karen Leu’s mother, and Shirine Siow with her husband.

Pastor Chia Song Peng gave the group a short sharing on the benefits of releasing animals before the recitation of prayers. According to Pastor Chia, releasing animals that are destined for slaughter is a virtuous action as we save the life of living beings.

Merits collected should be dedicated to our loved ones for their good health and long life. As for those who are sick, merits are dedicated to them for their swift recovery. And to the dear ones who have passed away, may the merits grant them swift good rebirths.

Pastor Chia also advised that participants must set a good motivation in conducting the animal liberation activity for the benefit of those who would receive the merits. By noon, 200kg of catfish was released into the lake. 150kg is the usual monthly liberation quantity, and the additional 50kg was sponsored by Karen Leu, on behalf of her brother-in-law.

May the fishes enjoy their new found freedom. May those who are ill recover swiftly. May all enjoy good health!

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