Scream At The Silver Screen

25 September 2012 - 4:56pm Comments Off

Recently, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche treated the dedicated staff and volunteers of all Kechara departments to the latest box office horror movie – The Possession. Staff and volunteers of Kechara were gasping and some even shrieked in the cinema!

With popcorn and coke in hand, many of the staff were excited (or rather terrified) to enter the cinema hall. The movie recounts the frightening true story of a little girl possessed by an ancient demon. Intrigued by an antique wooden box, little did she know it would bring harm and terror to her family as they fought to save her from evil.

As the chilling sound effects crept in during the spooky parts of the movie, some were so terrified by the horror they trembled in their seats. It was comical as some of them hid behind their jackets or covered their face with their hands during the scary scenes. Frightening as it was, the movie was entertaining but it also conveyed the message of compassion and the enduring bond of fatherly love. The father was willing to take on the curse to spare the life of his possessed daughter. Because the father’s love for his daughter was so pure, the demon possessed the father instead.

It was a pleasant movie outing for the staff as they let loose their work attire and bonded with each other between popcorn and screams. His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche is very kind to treat the staff to an evening for their tireless commitment to the Dharma and to Kechara. And it was a good choice for a movie – a horror story with a warm message.

Till the next movie outing, we hope that no one will be having nightmares!

Staff and volunteers of Kechara Oasis (top), Kechara InMotion (left), E Division and Kechara Care (right) all enoy the movie!

Staff and volunteers of Kechara House, Kechara Bloomsand Kechara Discovery (top), Kechara Paradise (left) and Kechara Oasis (right)!

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