Saving Lives on Wesak Day!

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It was a drizzling Wesak Day morning at the Kepong Metropolitan Park where an Animal Liberation ceremony was held in conjunction with the Wesak celebration.

Although it was drizzling, it did not stop the 70 participants that arrived as early as 8.30am to engage in this auspicious and meritorious event together. A total of 36 first timers joined and everyone eagerly waited to set the fishes and birds free!

The session started off with Pastor Chia leading the group to set the motivation and reciting prayers. Pastor Chia gave a brief explanation of the event and the benefits of liberating lives. With Frederick Law as the Mandarin translator, the prayer session started with taking refuge, followed by Shantideva Boddhicita’s prayer.

Then, everyone recited the Medicine Buddha Mantra and Guru Mantra 7 times each before moving on to blowing the blessings of the mantras that was recited into the birds and fishes mind streams for a good rebirth in the future. A completion dedication was done after releasing the animals.

By the end of the day, a total of 150kg of fish and 85 birds were released.

The act of liberating animals provides a platform for families to participate in a meaningful activity together. Besides the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful environment of the park; the families are also generating tremendous merits by liberating lives on Wesak Day and thus dedicating the merits collected to their loved ones, who may be ill or have passed away.

Find out more about our monthly event here:

It was drizzling and yet the participants’ spirit of Wesak was high

Pastor Chia leading the prayers

Dato' Ruby and the soup kitchen committee joined our Wesak Day Animal Liberation with the intention to dedicate to Rinpoche’s long life, how sweet of them.

Seniors reciting prayers with focus

Children as young as 4 years old came with their parents for the event. It really is wonderful for these children to be exposed to the act of showing kindness to animals and Dharma at such a young age.

Victor Choi, a regular volunteer of Kechara is seen here scooping water into the pail to provide sufficient water and oxygen for the fishes

4 years old Janelle Choi, daughter of Victor Choi is wondering what her father is doing with the scoop

Jan Yong is a regular at Kechara Animal Liberation together with her 3 children. This is a family that has never once missed the event. Kudos to them!

Kim and his family are also regulars at the event. Not long ago, it was diagnosed that Kim’s daughter had a brain tumor, but through the Animal Liberation sessions that they participated in and with Rinpoche's prayers and advice, they have been dedicating the merits for Kim’s daughter swift recovery and good health. Fortunately, Kim’s daughter is now a healthy little girl! Her health improvement over just one year is amazing

Freedom awaits these 85 birds

Everyone lines up to take turns to blow mantras into the pail of fishes to bless them. This also plantss the seeds of Dharma in their mindstream.

1, 2, 3!!! There go the fishies into the lake of liberation!!

Taking in the joy in Julia's expression, we'd say everyone (including the animals) had a jolly good Wesak Day

The Shanghai Study group came to join the event in the morning

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