Returning kindness

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As we have been taught by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche by example and teachings, it is the Kechara way to show our appreciation whenever someone has shown us kindness. So when, two years ago, Ngeow Voon Chin and his wife Yap Yoke Fui offered to sponsor some special projects, Rinpoche never forgot their kindness.

Recently, Datin Ng Wee Chin (former President of Kechara House) said she would like to continue the sponsorship from Ngeow and Yoke Fui. To celebrate both Ngeow and Yoke Fui, and Datin’s kindness, Kechara Care decided to throw them a surprise appreciation party!

Kind sponsors Yap Yoke Fui, Datin Ng Wee Chin and Ngeow Voon Chin with His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche

It could not have been more masterfully planned, with everyone being told to gather at the Boathouse Restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail for a puja.

A puja? In a restaurant? With a well-stocked bar?!

Such suspicions were allayed by a straight-faced Liaison Chuah Su Ming and her team with reminders to bring our malas and dress appropriately.

So everyone arrived, all ready for a puja…only to find the restaurant filled with balloons and gifts, and lots of lovely vegetarian food (including a seriously good gratin!). Scroll down to check out some photos from what was another fun Kechara night, held in celebration of kindness!

An eclectic venue filled with eclectic people!

Mmmmmmm...delectable goodies!

Kechara Care is soon opening up their own premises in the SunwayMas Commercial Centre to have more events like this. It will be a place that charts Kechara’s history and records our future, as well as a location for members to relax, hang out and unwind after a day of Dharma. So make sure you’re signed up as a member, to get access to the most exclusive venue in town!

Rinpoche greets his old friend and owner of Boathouse, Adelyn Lim

Rinpoche's warmth is much valued and always appreciated by his students

Rinpoche conducts a blessing ceremony for the Boathouse

It was a joyful evening held in celebration of kindness

On behalf of everyone, Kechara Care Liaison Chuah Su Ming presented the sponsors with gifts

As Su Ming said, compared to Ngeow and Yoke Fui's generosity, the gifts were merely tokens of appreciation

Sponsors old and new, with some creative buntings!

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